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self & plan managed clients


Self and Plan Managed Client's Access to Services!

Here, we proudly offer specialized workshops as well as individual counselling services tailored for NDIS clients. It's important to note that our workshops are not counselling sessions. Instead, these are gatherings of individuals who seek clarity and guidance about their mental health issues. Through these workshops, participants engage in informative sessions and activities designed to provide tools to manage mental well-being. You'll also gain insights into the diverse treatment options available.

Be sure to continue reading below for more details and don't miss the video that gives you a tour of our event room."

To secure your spot, navigate to the desired workshop or counselling service and proceed with the booking instructions. For clarity on payments, specifics for NDIS clients, and what each service entails, please scroll further.

I eagerly await our journey together and look forward to meeting you!"



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Maximize Your NDIS Funds with Mental Health Workshops

"Workshops: Unlocking Empowerment at Hourly Counselling Rates"

With extensive experience and a master's degree in counselling, I am deeply dedicated to providing unmatched value to my NDIS clients. Hosted in a inviting comfortable home event/workshop room that was designed with comfort in mind, and equipped with reverse cycle air conditioning - my exclusive women-only workshops span 3 enriching hours. Yet, you're only billed at the NDIS one-hour counselling rate.

Not only will you be immersed in a nurturing environment and provided with all the essential resources, but you'll also be treated to a delightful morning or afternoon tea. In essence, you receive extended guidance for the cost of just an hour.


This approach is designed to optimize the potential of your funding, significantly reducing expenses for NDIS participants. My primary aim? To amplify the worth of each session without overextending your resources.

To attend the workshop, participants are required to sign a user agreement. Your plan manager will then be billed for a single hour of counselling, which covers the entire workshop cost. I eagerly look forward to empowering and enlightening you in this unique setting! Don't forget to check out the video below to see the event room and information about the workshops! Hope to see you there!

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