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Support Worker



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Verified by JMG Changes Lives

Fully Insured

Registered NDIS Provider

Yellow Disability Card

Blue Safety Cards


Stuart's Mission Statement

You will be treated with kindness, acceptance, love and respect. I will kindly and gently encourage your independence and will deliver a high standard quality support to give you a positive result and experience. I am reliable and will facilitate community access, support with living skills.

I offer : Energetic and reliable

Access to community events

Shopping and appointments


Help with with lifestyle skills

Degree Qualifications

Bachelor Degree in Ministry

Certificates and Diploma Qualifications

Emerging Minds Certificates

The impact of parental substance use on the child

The impact of family and domestic violence on the child NDIS worker module

First aid and CPR

critical Incident reporting

Facilitate responsible behaviour

Participate in work environment

Respond holisticall to client issues

Working with diverse people

Protecting Children

Hazardous Chemicals

Health and Safety awareness

Health and Safety responsibilities

Driving for work

Risk assessment

Remote and Isolated work

First Aid awareness

Ice: training for front line workers (all seven modules)

Food safety

Medication Safety (all 7 modules)

Disclosure JMG Changes Lives Please note that all providers/support workers chosen by JMG Changes Lives and who are on our website database, has had to prove evidence of all safety cards, qualifications and personal liability insurance prior to being added on our database for clients to access. JMG Changes Lives does not insure any providers on the database as they are not employees of JMG Changes Lives. JMG Changes Lives only provides a paid membership by providers to be listed on our database for clients with disabilities and shares no responsibility nor can be held libel for any personal injuries or criminal offences incurred by either client or provider in their home or any other location.

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