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"Jayne's psychotherapy sessions are a blend of deep insight and genuine empathy, providing transformative guidance. Her expertise and compassionate approach make her an invaluable asset to anyone seeking personal growth."

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"I'm just really excited to be been here today, to have learned so much & to be coming back to Jayne's next courses"


"How 40 Minutes of Psychoeducation stopped my panic attacks"


Jayne is amazing. I felt so comfortable talking to her, and she took the time to explain how teenagers brains work. It actually all made sense! This helped me understand my boy so much more.  I took the information back to my son and just using the right words with him has helped tremendously. My son now knows I understand his feelings and feels he’s being heard now. I thank you from the bottom of my heart Jayne.

-Kelli (Fraser Coast)



Hi Jayne! Jamie seems to feel much better knowing he has your support and this is extending into school. He was keen to go for his walk with me this morning. I introduced myself to Janet this morning and gave her your letter. She is certainly on the ball. I told Janet that I wished you were still working for her school!!!!!! Jamie asked me to set his next session with you for next week.

J. Cooper (Fraser Coast)



Jayne, you are amazing! I thought I was going crazy but you made me see a part of my life that had had a huge impact on me. Other psychological counsellors had not identified this stumbling block. I am now able to understand why I feel and react in some situations. Jayne, your caring, empathetic nature has given me the strength and courage to believe I can have the life I desire.


Teacher (Fraser Coast)


Hi Jayne, I appreciate your kindness and amazing insight into this problem. You're amazing Jayne ! Yes that is 100% ok. I'm very pleased to help in any way. I'm continuing to much better manage my anxiety / health despite some very challenging issues. I'm listening to my body and trying to rest a little and stay calm. Again I feel certain your positive influence is continuing to help. Huge thanks again Jayne. Best of luck with your upcoming surgery and healing.

Rob (Hervey Bay)

Business Man

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