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  • Jayne Green (B.Ed;M.Ed)

Moving Forward: The Power of Letting Go of Past Trauma

Moving Forward: The Power of Letting Go of Past Trauma

Moving past trauma is akin to shedding a heavy weight that has been tied to one's ankles. As we journey through life, the traumas of our past can act like anchors, preventing us from truly soaring and living in the present moment. Holding onto the past, especially with emotions of anger and regret, keeps us rooted in moments that no longer serve our growth. It's essential to understand that moving forward doesn’t necessarily mean forgetting our past, but rather releasing its stronghold on our present and future.

Psychoeducation events and workshops have emerged as a beacon of hope for many. These platforms provide valuable insights, techniques, and coping mechanisms that aid in managing a plethora of mental health issues. The magic of psychoeducation lies in empowerment. When individuals are equipped with knowledge and tools, they can better navigate the labyrinth of their minds and emotions.

As a professional counsellor, I sincerely believe that every individual has an inherent power and potential to govern their life and to create their own narrative. But often, this power remains untapped because they lack the necessary knowledge and tools. Drawing from my background – two degrees in human development with one being a masters degree in mental health counselling, continuous professional growth, and relentless independent research – I've witnessed and experienced the transformative effect of knowledge. Knowledge isn’t just power; it's healing. Couple with the knowledge of the tools to apply, further enhances the healing process. Research in the mental health domain consistently underpins this ideology. Knowledge, combined with the right tools and support, paves the way for healing, resilience, and growth.

In conclusion, letting go of past trauma and equipping oneself with knowledge and tools is not just about healing; it's about reclaiming one's life. It's a journey from being a passive spectator to becoming the active director of one's life story. Look at psychoeducation workshops that show you how to move forward from life challenges and reclaim your life.



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